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Rinku Park, a new spot for lovers!

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  • Rinku Park, a new spot for lovers!

A new “LOVE RINKu” monument has been created for lovers to visit at Rinku Park, across the shore from Kansai International Airport!
This monument offers a perfect view of the airport, and the planes you can see taking off from here bring to mind “new journeys” and “moving on to new and better things.” It represents the desire for “lasting connections” with loved ones – not only lovers, but also family and friends.
It’s a monument loved by many who come and attach a “LOVE TAG” with their names or initials written on it and share it on social media to remember their visit. LOVE TAGs can be purchased from the “Rinku Machidokoro” tourist information center just outside the ticket gates of “Rinku Town” station.

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